About Me

I graduated from Texas Christian University (TCU) in May of 2022 with a dual degree in sports broadcasting and journalism with an emphasis in sports. Throughout my time at TCU, I maintained a position as an editor within my university's student-run news outlet, TCU360. On top of that, I have worked with SBNation’s TCU branch, Frogs O’ War, as a contributing writer responsible for live-tweeting games and conducting post-game interviews with coaches and athletes. After nearly two years with the company, I was promoted to Managing Editor of the site, where I now oversee a team of writers and interact with an online audience of TCU Sports fans. Just last year, I decided to create my own sports media brand, Going The Distance Sports, where I manage a small team of bloggers and produce weekly live podcast episodes across various platforms. I’ve also managed to grow the GTD Sports social media following to over 17,000 followers across the three major platforms.

Working in media with Barstool as well as my startup has not only improved my communication skills but also my ability to adapt to change and act on the fly. Throughout my experiences, I have learned how to navigate useful resources such as Final Cut Pro, Audacity and Wordpress as well as proficiency in social medias like TikTok, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch. I have hands-on experience managing an audience, leading a team of creators, and collaborating ideas for overall content direction/brand awareness. I feel as if this list of experiences has prepared me to take the next step in the media world, and I would be ecstatic if that opportunity came with your company!

“You can make anything by writing.”

C. S. Lewis